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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

About giving and receiving

According to the Jung-test*) I'm an ENFJ-type (Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging), commonly described as "givers". I recognise that a lot. When I meet someone, he is telling me his lifestory within minutes. I let people in easily (and can be quite overwhelmed by it). I like to give a lot.
And it often strikes me that it doesn't work the other way round: people giving back something to me. Maybe I'm not a good receiver;).
Anyway, I visit an forum for ENFJ's quite a lot (surrounded by other 'givers')  and posted one of my paintings here (you can find this and other paintings in my blog of july under the title 'mood paintings'') and received this reaction: "an artist...+points". This small reaction made me so happy today :).
I thanked him for that and then it got even better:

Quote Originally Posted by Happy about Nothing. View Post
Your art really soothes me and makes me a way I can't even quite explain.... :]

Thanks for posting.

*) see: and for my profile:

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