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Friday, 16 August 2013

And.. it's back again

It's good to write that my anxiety attacks sometimes do end, like yesterday. Just to prove it's not always this bad. Today, as usual I woke up in anxiety. I went for a long walk and couldn't stop worrying. I try to practise to be in the present but that's very difficult for me.
A friend asked me what I felt exactly when a have an anxiety attack (or better described: when I feel scared whole day(s). I found that hard to describe. Physically I feel I can't breath too well (and belly breathing mostly is making it worse). Mentally I'm constantly worrying, can't stop my brain and  I feel a lot of despair. This morning it struck me what the despair is about. It's the despair that I will never be happy again. It is the fear for depression (I had 3-4 severe despressions in my life) that is making me feel depressed. I'm crying right now and I don't know if this is freezing (the wrong reaction, because I'm not really in danger) or sadness. I feel so miserable, and it's hard to pretend you're quite all right when you feel that way. There is so much to enjoy and I feel nothing but pain.

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