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Saturday, 3 August 2013


I love this picture so much. It's just sweet :)
Today is almost the last day of two weeks vacation. Two weeks of anxiety, stress and a lot of tears. But..... I build this weblog, learned a great deal about my partner (who's definitely another personality type;) and a lot more about myself.*) and I understand why these weeks were so stressfull.
I need people around me to inspire and to become inspired (good conversations, that really matter), I need structure to keep my anxiety within limits and I need to stop asking/seeking for advice and trust my feelings. The only problem is that anxiety seems a feeling but most likely (I'm not sure!) overshadows the real feelings lying behind it. So is quite difficult for me to answer the question: how do you feel....

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  1. I love this picture! I just returned from Indonesia, were I had this experience at least one time a day. I had forgotten that food could be this delicious. It made me realize that this could count for many experiences in life as well, and it remembered me of the fact that one lives only once.Find and try new impressions, this can give you energy and inspiration!