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Thursday, 17 October 2013


Scientific research has proven: 80% of the people is in the wrong job.
I think I'm one of them. I find about 10% of my work fullfilling at the moment and consider myself 40% suitable for this job. But I do also think I can perform better in exactly the same function but within another organisation. Energy is leaking away but in the mood I am now it's not wise to apply for another job.
I really really need to talk to someone to sort this out. Someone who's very calm (HSP not HSS) and is not giving loads of solutions (you can do this, you can do that).  Just a real listener who's good in asking the right questions. These people are very hard too find. I haven't find such a person yet.
I can help others, but I can't help myself :(.
Not really putting anxiety into energy isn't it.... The funny thing is: there is no anxiety at the moment. I just feel numb. Is this progress.....?
Anyway: tomorrow I have a day off and I just gonna let it go for now.... Here's my motto for that day:

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