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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Nice to meet you

When you meet someone, one of the first questions is: what do yo do / what's your job? Your job is what you are.
Of course it's not, but that's how it often works.
My goverment spends 6,5 billion euro's each year (!) to stimulate people to find jobs. Because when you have a job you exist. All this money spend on job coaches, trainingscourses etc. has proven to be highly inefficient by the way. About 90% could better be spent on other things.
Most people know quite well what they want and are now forced to accept jobs they don't want and pay less. And for what?
At Oxford university, researchers claim that 45% (!) of the jobs in America is going to disappear in the coming years because of robotization. Most young people don't want to work five days a week anymore, some people don't want to work at all.
And that's fine by me. In my country 700.000 people are registered as unemployed and there are 100.000 jobs. It's time we get comfortable with a future where not everybody works. And where your personality is not determined by your job but by who you are.


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