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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My work and my health

I'm kind of unique as manager in an organization that is in transformation from "do what you're told" (and do that very good by the way; a lot of the people are extremely loyal) to work together in dependent chains.
I consider it a challenge to stimulate people in that new direction. The point is however that there are lot of managers and recent employees who think and act as individuals and go for their own benefit first. Opportunists you can say. Who go for short time results and don't really care for the organization anymore. And slowly this fantastic organization is desintegrating. I see things falling apart, and this time there may not be a fix.
And I realize that because all of this, my loyality is decreasing, just to protect myself.
I don't know if I want to work here anymore because sometimes it feels like it's eating me alive. But I also think: I'm needed. To keep the human perspective.
What to do...


  1. A possible position for you might be pragmatism. Do whatever you can, within your possiblities and the limitations of the organisation, that you say you think it's fantastic. But at the same time: find an intermediate between professional distance and involvement. Let me explain: to much distance might lead you towards cynisism, sceptisism and opportunism with a cold indifference. That's not you. The other side of the spectrum is over-involvement: which might lead to you, experiencing yourself as being eaten alive. So protect yourself and go for the intermediate position, if you find both your work and yourself important enough. Aristotle advocated the virtue of the intermediate centuries ago, That's a human perspective for this case which is within reach, and still hasn't lost its value nowadays.

  2. You're right. Being cynical is not me. I guess it's all about balance and bounderies then, ain't it? Thanks for the advice. HSP often have that intermediating role by the way.