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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New experiences

No anxiety attacks for a long time now. And a lot of new experiences.
For example: I can listen to my body now. Today was a very intense day and when I drove home at about lunchtime, my plan was to do some shopping. But my body (and mind) just said: no; go home, go to bed and sleep.
And I did.
I don't no exactly why I was exausted, although I could name most certainly 3 reasons (fighting authority, energy sucking persons, intimidated by someone's achievements) but THAT DOESN'T MATTER ANYMORE. I don't have to know the exact reasons (and certainly not at that moment). I just have to trust my body and go to sleep. So I did. Accepting that some things have impact on me and I need to recover from that. And that I am more efficient if I take a break. Off course I also need to protect myself at that moment; know my bounderies. But this is an important step for me.

Some other time  I'll tell you about another important step: needing comfort from your partner when he's not available.

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