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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Generation without ambition

The few friends that I have don't work or only work because they need the money for living. Nobody I know well is really enjoying their work. Fulfillment lies elsewhere.
Most positively they've succeeded in breaking loose from the ideas and pictures that are put in our head by commercials. Commercials that say: you have to have dozens of friends, a beautiful skin, a trained body, soft hair etc. etc.

Since 3 months now, I rarely wash my hair with shampoo anymore. Whithin two weeks  all my hair problems (thin, grease, loosing hair) are over. Don't believe what they tell you: you don't need all that shit. You don't need a bunch of cosmetic products, you don't need to be on facebook and you certainly don't need to watch TV, where they show mostly shit, based on envy and "perfect" images you will never achieve.

Does this have something to do with my generation? The part of my generation that does work hard are the kind of people I am unable to relate to. Mostly I don't like them because they are self centered and materialistic. This whole society seems to focus on economics these days. More is better?

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