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Sunday, 21 June 2015

My life has finally started

I'm doing great at the moment.
The funny thing is: a lot is going on. For example: my father is very sick, my boyfriend a bit depressed, the neighbours are building a wall and a high shed, I don't like my job very much, the menopauze started with sweating, headaches and.... anxiety. But it's another sort of anxiety. It's more physical. And it all started when I decided to stop taking the pill. For almost 30(!) years I took it. And more and more evidence shows that it can cause depressions :( and it makes you smell different for your partner.
Three times I tried to quit, but did not succeed. Until now, I hope. I did it very gradually, and now more than a week had passed. A week with a lot sweating, 2 days of non stop headaches and constantly feeling restless.
But nevertheless I feel stable! All those years of hard work, all the therapy and the pills. Finally it's paying off. I never felt better in my life.
Of course it's irritating, those headaches and sweating. And getting an older body. And I really want to quit my job. But it feels like my life has finally started.

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