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Sunday, 5 March 2017

It lasted three months

Last week I felt more and more unbalanced en depressed. After one (really) better day, it eventually collapsed: my depressed mood led to an anxiety attack.
In my previous blog I doubted if I should deminish my AD, today I doubt whether I should increase the dose. Definitely unblanced.
Is it the weather (long winter)? The menopause? Just fluctuations? The complexity of today's world (complex as ever, but thanks to social media and the internet more dominant).
Things smell and taste strange, I am terribly confused, my memory sucks and I can't connect to people, including myself.
I excercise, I eat healthy and I think that sometimes I really can accept the fact that
THIS IS MY LIFE: 20% of the time I feel good. That's more than nothing. It 'll have to do.

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